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SURF - Previous calls

2023: Selected candidates

  • Iván Salvador García, Stochastic Thermodynamics and Information. Advisor:  Gonzalo Manzano.
  • Jacob Rifà Estol, Semiconductor laser network dynamics with inhomogeneous elements. Advisors: Miguel C. Soriano and Apostolos Argyris
  • Gala Tomás Portalés, Compartmental models and their application to study phytopathologies. Advisors: Alex Giménez-Romero and Manuel A. Matías
  • Ignacio Megía Pérez, Optimizing Quantum Thermal Machines. Advisor: Rosa López
  • Marina Camps Nebot, Power grid stability in scenarios of large renewable penetration. Advisors: María Martínez-Barbeito and Pere Colet
  • Leyla Gómez Birrer, Quantifying higher-order interactions in social systems and their temporal evolution. Advisors: Beatriz Arregui and Sandro Meloni


2022: Selected candidates

    • Sebastian Holtedahl Castedo, Prediction and assessment of childhood obesity using machine learning algorithms. Advisor: Silvia Ortín González
    • Adrián Nadal Rosa, Stochastic thermodynamics and information. Advisor: Gonzalo Manzano
    • Alberto Gallego Pozo, Power grid stability in scenarios of large renewable penetration. Advisors: Pere Colet and Damià Gomila
    • Pablo Cabrales, Analysis of biodiversity in Posidonia meadows with satellite images through machine learning. Advisors: Alex Giménez and Manuel A. Matías
    • Antonio A. Carpes, An ordinal pattern approach to word correlations. Advisor: David Sánchez
    • Carlota Prieto Jiménez, Interferometry with topological insulator nanowires. Advisor: Llorenç Serra


    2021: Selected candidates

      • Miguel Angel González Casado, Analysis of the socioeconomic status in the United Kingdom from linguistic variation in Twitter. Advisors:  David Sánchez and José J. Ramasco
      • Dimitrios Chalkiadakis, The role of dissipation in Quantum Reservoir Computing. Advisors: Rodrigo Martínez, Roberta Zambrini, and Gian Luca Giorgi
      • Elsa Rodríguez García, Is air transport recovering from COVID-19? Dynamics of European airfares between November 2020 and June 2021. Advisor: Massimiliano Zanin
      • Guillermo Pérez de Arenaza Pozo, Power grid stability in scenarios of large renewable penetration. Advisors: Pere Colet and Damià Gomila
      • Bernat Ramis, Game theory and the evolution of cancer. Advisor: Tobias Galla
      • Jorge Valencia, Particle motion in a Bose-Einstein Condensate. Advisors: Emilio Hernández-García, and Cristóbal López



      The 2020 SURF programme was cancelled due to global restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

      2019: Selected candidates

        • Teo Gil Moreno de Mora (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Big Data and language variation. Advisor: David Sánchez
        • Ana Palacios de Luis (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Complexity in quantum spin chains. Advisor: Gianluca Giorgi
        • Nicole Orzan (Università di Trieste), Power grid stability under demand stress and cascading failures. Advisors: Pere Colet and Damià Gomila
        • Renzo Bruera (Universitat de Barcelona), Chemical fronts in fluids. Advisor: Emilio Hernández García
        • Antònia Verdera Garau (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Topological transport in hybrid superconducting systems. Advisor: Llorenç Serra
        • Lucas Maisel Licerán (Universitat de Barcelona), Machine Learning in quantum transport for topological nanostructures. Advisor: Rosa López
        • Piotr Storożenko (Warsaw University of Technology), Big Data, memes, and information diffusion in online social networks. Advisors: José J. Ramasco and Sandro Meloni


        2018: Selected candidates

          • Moreno Abajo, Álvaro (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Autonomous Operation of Optoelectronic Reservoir Computing Systems. Advisors: Miguel Soriano and Ingo Fischer
          • Rivera Deán, Javier (Universidad de La Laguna), Synchronization in a model of coupled neural oscillators. Advisor: Claudio Mirasso
          • Mas Aguilar, Álvaro (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Nonlinear thermoelectric transport in a selective spin environment. Advisor: Rosa López
          • Garau Estarellas, Gabriel (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Quantum machine learning with spins. Advisors: Roberta Zambrini and Gianluca Georgi
          • Fernández Sánchez de la Viña, Javier (Universidad de Oviedo),  Data Science: prediction of air passenger’s flows. Advisors: Riccardo Gallotti and Jose J.Ramasco
          • Pérez González, David (Universidad de La Laguna), Modeling and dynamics of the power grid. Advisor: Damià Gomila 


          2017: Selected candidates

          • Tenorio Márquez, Rodrigo (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Entanglement generation and distribution through tiled/structures lattices. Advisors: Fernando Galve and Roberta Zambrini
          • Cavero Lozano, Marta (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Modeling and dynamics of the power grid. Advisors: Damià Gomila and Pere Colet
          • Cunillera Pérez, Alejandro (Universidad complutense de Madrid), Anticipated synchronization in Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal circuits. Advisor: Claudio R. Mirasso
          • Fuster Rullan, Marc (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Data Science: the attraction basin of the New York City airports. Advisors: Riccardo Gallotti and Jose Ramasco
          • Llorenç Giralt, Joaquím (Universitat de Barcelona), Implementing Neuro-Inspired Information processing in autonomous boolean networks. Advisors: Miguel Soriano and Ingo Fischer
          • Molero Agudo, Bernat (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Berry phases and transport through Majorana devices. Advisor: Llorenç Serra

          2016: Selected candidates

          • Victor Buendía (Universidad de Granada), Cooperation and competition in bacterial populations. Advisors: Manuel A. Matías and Ricardo Martínez-García
          • Alberto Prades (Universitat de Valencia), Strategies for probing complex networks: topology in networks with dynamical noisy bridges. Advisors: Victor Eguíluz nad Konstantin Klemm
          • Gonzalo Donoso (Universidad complutense de Madrid), Dialectometric analysis of language variation in Twitter. Advisor: David Sánchez
          • Gabriel Torregrosa (Universitat de Valencia), Predictive power of quantum synchronization measures. Advisors: Roberta Zambrini and Fernando Galve
          • David Pereniguez (Universitat de Barcelona), Aggregation Patterns of living organisms: mathematical modeling and experiments. Advisor: Emilio Hernández García and Cristóbal López
          • Cristian Cogollos (Universitat de Valencia), Autonomous Boolean Networks for Neuro-Inspired Information Processing. Advisors: Ingo Fischer and Miguel C. Soriano

          2015: Selected candidates

          • Albert Cabot (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Decoherence free subspaces in quantum oscillator networks. Advisors: Roberta Zambrini, Fernando Galve and Victor Eguíluz
          • Carmen Cabrera-Arnau (Universitat de Valencia), Chimera states in an oscillator network under nonlocal coupling effects. Advisor: Damià Gomila
          • Alejandro Hermoso (Universitat de les Illes Balears, Study of dense magnetoliposomes using Monte Carlo simulations. Advisors: Tomàs Sintes and Juan José Cerdà
          • Xavier Roderic Hoffmann (Universitat de Barcelona), Language use in Twitter communities. Advisors: José Javier Ramasco and Fabio Lamanna
          •      Claudia Payrató (Universitat de Barcelona), Bacterial communication through Quorum Sensing. Advisor: Manuel Matias
          • Antoni Ramos (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Reservoir computing. Autonomous Boolean Systems with time-delays. Advisors: Ingo Fischer and Miguel C. Soriano

          2014: Selected candidates

          • Javier Argüello (Universidad de Cantabria), Scattering theory of quantum transport: Applications to the heat transfer. Advisors: Rosa López and David Sánchez
          • Adrià Delhom (Universitat de Valencia), Measurements of the highest gain mode of a semiconductor laser with strong optical feedback. Advisors: Daniel Brunner and Ingo Fischer
          • Cristian Estarellas, Can be there stable states in a polygonal nanowire?. Advisor: Llorenç Serra
          • Ana Paula Millán (Universidad de Granada), Anticipated synchronization. Advisor: Claudio Mirasso
          • P. Morales (Universidad de Granada), Dynamics of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation close to the Ising-Bloch transition. Advisor: Damià Gomila
          • Javier Moreno (Universidad de Extremadura), Urban or rural? A network approach to identify urban areas. Advisors: Jose Javier Ramasco and Maximine Lenormand
          • José Antonio Sánchez (Universidad de Cordoba), Transport phenomena in the ocean from a Network Theory perspective. Advisors: Cristóbal López and Enrico Ser-Giacomi

          2013: Selected candidates

          • Vicente Arjona, Electronic transmission across potential barriers via evanescent waves in graphene
          • Frances Bonnín (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Electron scattering time-periodic external potential
          • Raimon Luna (Universitat de Barcelona), Linewidth measurements of a semiconductor laser with external optical feedback. Advisors: Daniel Brunner and Ingo Fischer
          • Clara Miralles (Universitat de Valencia), Vegetation patterns in meadows of marine plants. Advisor: Damià Gomila
          • Clara Murgui (Universitat de Valencia), Pattern formation in a model of population dynamics dependent on two spatial density ranges. Advisors: Emilio Hernández-García and Cristóbal López
          • Antonio Fernández (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Effects of volatility parameter and network structure in an agent-based herding model. Advisor: Raúl Toral
          • Alejando Rodríguez (Universitat de Valencia), Simulating neuronal models. Advisors: Claudio Mirasso and Miguel C. Soriano
          • Daniel Ruíz (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Majorana states in nanowire L junctions of varying angle. Advisor: Llorenç Serra
          • Miguel Ambrosio Sierra, Nonlinear thermoelectric effects in quantum dots. Advisor: David Sánchez

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