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Two postdoctoral positions are available on emergent social, technical and ecological complex systems at IFISC. Applications should be be received before April 21, 2017. More information.


The Institute for Cross-Disciplinary and Complex Systems (IFISC, UIB-CSIC) announces the SURF grants 2017 (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships) for young students interested in scientific research, SURF 2017.


The following calls are now open or will open soon. If you are interested in applying to any of them please contact before applying indicating the program in which you are interested.


IFISC accepts at any time applications for PhD and Postdoc positions associated with ongoing research projects. Current projects include

  • INSIGHT - Innovative policy modelling and governance tools for sustainable post-crisis urban development
  • QuProCS - Quantum Probes for Complex Systems

  • NOMAQ - Non-Markovian quantum evolutions in structured environments
  • SET@QT - Spintronics, Energy, and Topology @ Quantum Transport
  • NUUBO - Research Collaboration Agreement with Nuubo Wearable Medical Technologies
  • ESOTECOS - Emergent Social, Technological and Ecological Complex Systems
  • BIGDATA4ATM - Passenger-centric Big Data Sources for Socio-economic and Behavioural Research in ATM
  • NeuroQNet - Neuromorphic Computing using QD-Networks reference number
  • CAASE - Coupled Animal and Artificial Sensing for Sustainable Ecosystems

Please send an email message to including your CV and indicating the project/s in which you might be interested.


Fellowships for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students: all those interested can contact any IFISC researcher or Raúl Toral for more information. E-mail addresses of these researchers as well as detailed information on the activities of the scientific team can be found at the web page of the institute.

Research at IFISC is organized around the following topics: 
  •  Complex systems, nonlinear and statistical physics
  •  Quantum information and nanoscience
  •  Nonlinear optics and dynamics of optoelectronic devices
  •  Fluid dynamics, biofluids, and geophysical fluids
  •  Biophysics and nonlinear phenomena in ecology and physiology
  • Dynamics and collective phenomena of social systems


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