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RED: A Set of Molecular Descriptors Based on Renyi Entropy

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Gaussian approximation to the resolution of master equations

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Resonance Induced by Repulsive Links

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Divide and conquer: resonance induced by competitive interactions

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Drug absorption through a cell monolayer: A theoretical work on a non-linear three-compartment model

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Stochastic and Non-linear effects in Biological Systems

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Collective effects induced by diversity in extended systems

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Finite size effects in the dynamics of opinion formation

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Synchronisation and Collective Effects in Extended Stochastic Systems

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Diversity-induced resonance

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Últimos avances en el movimiento browniano: orden a partir del desorden

Toral, Raúl
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Optimized multicanonical simulations: A proposal based on classical fluctuation theory

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Truels, or survival of the weakest

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Paradoxical games: a physics point of view

Amengual, Pau (Director Raul Toral)
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Experimental study of stochastic resonance in a Chua`s circuit operating in a chaotic regime

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Anticipated Synchronization: Numerical and Theoretical Study

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Reversals of chance in paradoxical games

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Coherent regimes of mutually coupled Chua's circuits

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Ensemble equivalence for non-Boltzmaniann distributions

Toral, R.
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Redes Complejas en la Dinámica Social

San Miguel, Maxi; Toral, Raúl; Eguíluz, Victor M.
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Binary and Multivariate Stochastic models of consensus formation

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Approach to Predictability via Anticipated Synchronization

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Discrete-time ratchets, the Fokker-Planck equation and Parrondo's games

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Distribution of winners in truel games

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Analysis and Characterization of the Hyperchaos Generated by a Semiconductor Laser Subject to a Delayed Feedback Loop

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Transfer of information in Parrondo's games

Amengual, Pau ; Toral, Raúl
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System size stochastic resonance in a model for opinion formation

Claudio J. Tessone, Raul Toral
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Departament de fisica interdisciplinar a l\\\'IMEDEA

Colet, Pere; San Miguel, Maxi; Toral, Raul
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Globalization, polarization and cultural drift

Klemm, Konstantin; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Toral, Raúl; San Miguel, Maxi
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Coupling and feedback effects in excitable systems: anticipated synchronization (Review paper)

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Parrondo's games and the zipping algorithm.

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Dynamical mechanism of anticipating synchronization in excitable systems

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Exact Solution of Ising Model on a Small-World Network

J. Viana Lopes; Yu. G. Pogorelov; J. M. B. Lopes dos Santos; R. Toral
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Discrete-time ratchets, the Fokker-Planck equation and Parrondo's Paradox

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Derivation of amplitude equations for nonlinear oscillators subject to arbitrary forcing

Mayol, C; Toral, R; Mirasso, C
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On the nonextensivity of the long range X-Y model

Toral, Raúl
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Neighborhood models of minority opinion spreading

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Anticipated synchronization: a metaphorical linear view

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Effect of non-Gaussian noises in a noise induced transition

H. Wio; R. Toral
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Synchronization properties of coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo Systems

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Apparent phase transitions in finite one-dimensional sine-Gordon lattices

S. Ares; J.A. Cuesta; A. Sanchez; R. Toral
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