Stochastic thermodynamics for linear kinetic equations

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Anticipated synchronization in coupled complex Ginzburg-Landau systems

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Statistical mechanics of multilayer networks

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Markets, herding and response to external information

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Aplicaciones de sistemas estocásticos interaccionantes a modelos de mercados financieros

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Impact of substrate interactions on the phase behavior of Y-shaped molecules

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Descending from infinity: Convergence of tailed distributions

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Dinámica de opiniones y consenso: un problema de física estadística

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Stochastic functionals and fluctuation theorem for multikangaroo processes

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Simulating non-Markovian stochastic processes

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Theoretical analysis of external noise and bistability in the catalytic CO oxidation on Pd(111)

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Co-evolution of networks

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Fragmentation transition in a coevolving network with link-state dynamics

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Kinetic theory and numerical simulations of two-species coagulation

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Suppression of deterministic and stochastic extreme desynchronization events using anticipated synchronization

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Stochastic description of delayed systems

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Weighted-ensemble Brownian jumps simulations: sampling of rare events in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems

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Diversity and noise effects in a model of homeostatic regulation of the sleep-wake cycle

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Anticipated synchronization and the predict-prevent control method in the FitzHugh-Nagumo model system

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Exact solution of a stochastic protein dynamics model with delayed degradation

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Role of delay in the stochastic creation porcess

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Noise-induced transitions vs. noise-induced phase transitions

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Evolution of Surname Distribution under Gender-Equality Measures

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Synchronization and entrainment of coupled circadian oscillators

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Synchronisation Induced by Repulsive Interactions in a System of van der Pol Oscillators

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Diffusing opinions in bounded confidence processes

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Divide and Conquer: resonance induced by competitive interactions

Vaz Martins, Teresa (Director: Raúl Toral)
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Phase transitions induced by diversity and examples in biological systems

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PhD Thesis (2010)

Description of stochastic and chaotic series using visibility graphs

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Critical behavior of a Ginzburg-Landau model with additive quenched noise

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Mass media and repulsive interactions in continuous-opinion dynamics

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On the Gaussian approximation for master equations

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The constructive role of diversity on the global response of coupled neuron systems

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Divide and conquer

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Resonance induced by repulsive interactions in a model of globally coupled bistable systems

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Spherical brushes within spherical cavities: A self- consistent field and Monte Carlo study.

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Diversity-induced resonance in a model for opinion formation

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RED: A Set of Molecular Descriptors Based on Renyi Entropy

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Gaussian approximation to the resolution of master equations

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Resonance Induced by Repulsive Links

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