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In 2018, IFISC was honored with the "Unit of Excellence Maria de Maeztu" Award from the Spanish Research Agency (AEI), a prestigious accolade that recognizes research institutions with highly competitive strategic programs operating at the frontiers of knowledge. IFISC's recognition led to its membership in the SOMMa alliance, which brings together the most advanced research centers and units throughout Spain.

IFISC was the first unit of excellence in the Balearic Islands to receive the Maria de Maeztu award, which was granted for the 2018-2022 period and renewed for the 2023-2026 period.

The IFISC-María de Maeztu program prioritizes:

  • Performing exploratory research on new concepts and methods related to information processing in complex systems, ranging from adaptation and learning to emerging collective effects.
  • Transferring knowledge from the general field of information processing in and by complex systems to cross-disciplinary fields such as Quantum Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies, Life and Social Sciences.
  • Attracting talented PhD students, postdocs, senior scientists, and visitors.
  • Continue being one of the international centers of reference in Complex Systems and an important actor in the definition of new trends in the field.

Research is structured in three research pillars:

  • Complex society: information & technology
  • Unconventional computing & learning
  • Life & environmental dynamics

The MdM project fulfills the European policy of equal opportunities between women and men and the recommendations of the Helsinki Group on Women and Science


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