Artificial intelligence systems based on photonic computation inspired by dendritic trees

Oct. 19, 2020

IFISC (UIB-CSIC) starts its work in the European Project ADOPD of the Future and Emerging Technologies Program (Open Domain)

IFISC People: Pere Mujal, Giulia Ruzzene and Andrea Tabi

Oct. 13, 2020
We are glad to introduce Pere Mujal, Giulia Ruzzene and Andrea Tabi, three new postdoctoral researchers who join IFISC this month.Dr. Pere Mujal completed his Ph.D. in Physics on "Interacting ultracold few-boson systems" under the supervision of Prof ...

IFISC People: Beatriz Arregui, Javier Galván, Álex Giménez and Jesús A. Moreno

Oct. 9, 2020
We are glad to announce that four more PhD students joined IFISC this month. Their work will follow IFISC’s new strategic objectives: the study, exploration and development of information processing in and by complex systems.Beatriz Arregui studied a ...

IFISC People: Ernesto Estrada and Lucas Lacasa

Oct. 6, 2020
IFISC welcomes its new associate researchers: Ernesto Estrada and Lucas Lacasa. Ernesto Estrada is currently a Senior ARAID Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics and Applications (IUMA) at the University of Zaragoza. He is well known for his many contributions ...

IFISC People: Eva Llabrés and Roeland van de Vijsel

Sept. 8, 2020
We are glad to introduce Eva Llabrés and Roeland van de Vijsel to the other IFISC members.  Eva Llabrés obtained her PhD at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam, and her first post-doctorate at the University ...

The memory coding system is more versatile than previously thought

Aug. 10, 2020
A multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicante, a joint centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University Miguel Hernández, the Institute of Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, of the CSIC and the ...

Second survey on the impact of social distancing measures on the Covid-19 epidemic in Spain

July 29, 2020
Younger people had fewer contacts outside home than  older people during the confinement of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the first preliminary results of the survey of the Distance-Covid project, coordinated by IFISC (CSIC-UIB) researcher José Ramasco. The researchers have ...

Robustness to extinction and plasticity derived from bipartite mutualist networks in ecology

July 7, 2020
Ecosystems are a paradigmatic example of a complex system: a large number of species, both animal and plant, which interact in a variety of ways. These interactions can be positive like mutualism, negative like predation or neutral like neutralism, and ...

IFISC People: Joseph Baron and Christos Charalambous

June 26, 2020
We are glad to introduce Joseph Baron and Christos Charalambous to the other IFISC members. Joseph Baron got his PhD from the University of Manchester in statistical physics of systems with disorder, intrinsic noise and non-Markovian dynamics under the supervision ...

Mobility seen from new data sources

June 9, 2020
On May 21, within the framework of the CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform (PTI) Mobility 2030, the IFISC researcher (UIB-CSIC) José Ramasco inaugurated the cycle "Mobility and covid-19" of the Ibercaja Foundation. In his talk, entitled "Mobility seen from new data ...

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