Pint of Science 2019

May 13, 2019

Pint of Science (PoS) 2019, the popular Science festival that proposes a meeting between researchers and the public in bars, returns to Palma on 20th, 21st and 22nd of May for the third consecutive year.

The festival has an international character and will be held on the same dates in more than 400 cities in 24 countries on 5 continents. PoS aims to bring researchers closer to the public taking advantage of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, since its creation in 2013 at Imperial College London. At national level, PoS has been held since 2015, with 148 bars and the participation of 784 scientists as speakers. In 2017, the first edition of the festival was held in Palma with the help of IFISC (UIB-CSIC).

This edition doubles the number of speakers who, during the three days of the festival, will explain in a relaxed environment what research they are carrying out. The 12 scientists who will star in the event will be split for the first time between two venues: while in Palma 80's Café in Plaza Madrid the talks will be aimed at analysing the intricacies of our society and its technological advances, in the Café A Tres Bandas in Plaza Barcelona (from Tuesday 21st) talks will be focused on the mysteries of the Universe and our planet. All sessions are free and will start at 18:30 h.

IFISC will offer four talks, all of them at Palma 80's Café: on 20th May Rodrigo Martínez will explain what quantum decoherence is, while Irene Estébanez will talk about artificial neural networks. On the other hand, on the 22nd of May at the same venue, Ana Pérez will review the complex life of a flamingo, followed by Javier Aguilar who will explain what turbulence and vortices are. The complete programme, and the bar addresses, themes and timetables, can now be consulted at the website


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