Former IFISC researcher wins Emerging Researcher Award from the Complex Systems Society

Oct. 24, 2022

Former IFISC postdoctoral researcher, Aleix Bassolas, has been awarded the Emerging Researcher award. The award, given at the closing ceremony of the Conference on Complex Systems Congress (CCS) by the Complex Systems Society, has highlighted Bassolas' research work and his “outstanding contributions to Complex Systems Science”.

Aleix Bassolas did his PhD at IFISC under the supervision of researchers José Ramasco and Maxime Lenormand. His thesis entitled "A journey across the multiple scales of human mobility", was defended last year 2019. His contributions open new avenues for urban mobility from the perspective of complex systems. His most cited papers include: 

In order to recognize exceptional contributions to the science of complex systems the society established in 2014 the junior scientific award aimed at recognizing extraordinary scientific achievements by CSS young researchers (within 7 years of PhD completion). In addition to Bassolas, the researchers Michelle Feng (University of California) and William Gilpin (University of Texas) have been awarded in this category.


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