IFISC People: Mirko Goldmann, Johann Martínez and Lucas Talandier

Nov. 3, 2020

We are glad to introduce Mirko Goldmann, Johann Martínez and Lucas Talandier to the other IFISC members. 

Mirko Goldmann studied a Master in Physics at Technische Universitaet Berlin with a Master thesis about deep time delay reservoir computing. At IFISC he will work as a PhD student under the supervision of Miguel C. Soriano, Claudio Mirasso and Ingo Fischer on fundamental concepts of neuromorphic photonic computing, within the Post-Digital European Training Network.  

Johann Martínez got his PhD in Physics of Complex Systems at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Then he joined the Institute National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (France), where he worked on nonlinear dynamics of biological systems and computational neuroscience. He's part of the steering committee of the Latin American Conference on Complex Network (LANET), organizer of the Brain Networks Satellite @NetSci Conference & a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Complex Networks. At IFISC, he will be part of the project NouLloguer working with José Javier Ramasco to better understand the influence of new market models of vacation renting vs. residential housing.

Lucas Talandier received a Master of Nanosciences from the University Paris-Saclay. He joins IFISC to pursue a PhD focused on high-speed non-algorithmic analogue photonic computing with applications in telecom and datacom under the supervision of Ingo Fischer and Apostolos Argyris, also within the Post-Digital European Training Network.


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