IFISC People: Javier Aguilar, Marco Cattaneo and Jaime Sánchez

Feb. 12, 2019

We are glad to announce that three more PhD students joined IFISC this month within the Unit of Excellence Maria de Maeztu program for predoctoral researchers. Their work will follow IFISC’s new strategic objectives: the study, exploration and development of information processing in and by complex systems.

Javier Aguilar will work within the “information processing in socio-technical systems” line, supervised by Raúl Toral and José J. Ramasco.

Marco Cattaneo will work within the “quantum information: decoherence, dissipation and transmission” line, supervised by Roberta Zambrini and Maniscalco (University of Turku).

Finally, Jaime Sánchez joins IFISC pursuing a PhD under the supervision of both Claudio Mirasso and Santiago Canals (Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante). His thesis will contribute to the research line “information processing in biological systems”.

They are the last three of six predoctoral students selected from a total of 53 candidates’ applications, originated from 15 different countries (Spain, UK, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Venezuela, Pakistan, Philippines, Cameroon, Luxembourg, and Nigeria).

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