IFISC People: David Abella, Annalisa Caligiuri, Juan Manuel García and Lucía Ramírez

Feb. 1, 2021

We are glad to introduce David Abella, Annalisa Caligiuri, Juan Manuel García and Lucía Ramirez to the other IFISC members.

David Abella studied physics at Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and took the IFISC's Master in Physics of Complex Systems. At IFISC he will work as a pre-doctoral student with Maxi San Miguel and Jose Javier Ramasco studying the aging effects in threshold models. His interests cover many fields such as social media, epidemic spreading, and pattern formation. 

Annalisa Caligiuri holds a master degree in Theoretical Physics from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). At IFISC she will work as a María de Maeztu Ph.D. student on Statistical physics of information processing in complex systems with changing environments under the supervision of Tobias Galla. Her main interest is in statistical physics and complex networks.

Juan Manuel García studied a degree in Physics at Universidad de Córdoba (Spain), and then a master degree in Physics and Technology of Lasers in University of Salamanca (Spain). He will work as a lab technician for two years  performing different tasks as design of electronic and photonic circuits, experimental measurements automatization and Python and Matlab programming. 

Lucía Ramirez completed her Ph.D. in Physics at the Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina.  Her doctoral studies involved phase transitions and criticality, by the study of percolation phenomena and random sequential adsorption with multisite occupation. Lucía joins IFISC as a María de Maeztu postdoc researcher under the supervision of Tobias Galla and Maxi San Miguel. Her work will focus on information processing in socio-technical and biological systems.


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