IFISC 10 years

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In 2017 we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. This is the events program.

Throughout the year

COLLOQUIA: Colloquia of Excellence in Complex Systems 

February 6

DISSEMINATION EVENT: IFISC Open Doors day + Poster Party. IFISC  

April 6-7

WORKSHOP: Quantum Probes for Complex Systems 

May 15-17

DISSEMINATION EVENT: Pint of Science in Mallorca

May 13-20

WORKSHOP: Majorana states in condensed matter: Towards topological quantum computation.

May 23, May 30, June 6

DISSEMINATION EVENT: 10 years exploring the boundaries between knowledge. Caixafòrum, Palma

June 2-4

WORKSHOP: Young Researchers at the Crossroads. IFISC

June 5-9

IFISC 10 years CONFERENCE: Crossroads in Complex Systems. IFISC

June 6

INSTITUTIONAL 10 years-events

  • 11:30 Round table: present and future challenges of Complexity Science. UIB Campus
  • 19:30 Public Lecture: Genes y genealogías humanas, Susanna Manrubia. Caixafòrum, Palma

June 19-30

SCHOOL: VII Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex and Small Systems

September 4-8

SCHOOL: COMSOTEC Summer School on Computational Social Science

October 25-27

WORKSHOP: COSTNET workshop on Statistics of Network Data Science


Internal workshop: 2017 IFISC Winter Solstice meeting

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