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  • Key questions in marine megafauna movement ecology

    Hays, G.C.; Ferreira, L.C.; Sequeira, A.M.M.; Meekan, M.G.; Duarte, C.M.; Bailey, H.; Bailleul, F.; Bowen, W.D.; Caley, M.J.; Costa, D.P.; Eguíluz, V.M.; et al
    Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31, 463–475 (2016)

  • Big data over networks

    Gallotti, Riccardo; Louail, Thomas; Louf, Rémi; Barthelemy, Marc
    A new perspective on cities, in Cui, Hero, Luo and Moura (eds.) , Cambridge University Press, (2016)


  • Modelling delay propagation trees for scheduled flights

    Campanelli, B.; Ciruelos, C.; Arranz, A.; Etxebarria, I.; Peces, S.; Fleurquin, P.; Eguiluz, V.M. ; Ramasco, J.J.
    Proceedings of the 11th USA/Europe Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015 2015, EUROCONTROL, (2015)

  • Dragging in mutualistic networks

    Pastor, J. M.; Garcia-Algarra, J.; Iriondo, J. M.; Ramasco, J. J.; Galeano, J.
    Networks and Heterogeneous Media (AIMS) 10, 37-52 (2015)


  • Tweets on the road

    Lenormand, Maxime;Tugores, Antonia; Colet, Pere; Ramasco, Jose J
    PLoS ONE 9, e105407 (2014)

  • A Photonic Brain

    Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C.
    International Innovation 140, May , 64-66 (2014)


  • Big data and urban mobility

    Tugores, Antònia; Colet, Pere
    Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference. Editors: Ignacio Blanquer, Isabel Campos, Gonçalo Borges, Jorge Gomes , Editorial of the Universitat Politècnica de València, 75-87 (2013)

  • Semiconductor laser beam combining

    Liu, Bo; Colet, Pere; Braiman, Yehuda
    Semiconductor Lasers. Fundamentals and applications, Ed. by A. Baranov and E. Tournié , Woodhead Publishing (Elsevier), 121-148 (2013)

  • Frequency and phase locking of laser cavity solitons

    Ackemann, T.; Noblet, Y.; Paulau, P.V.; McIntyre, C.; Colet, P.; Firth, W.J.; Oppo, G.-L.
    Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, Self-Trapping, and Josephson Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems (edited by B. A. Malomed) , Springer, 49-87 (2013)

  • Dynamics in Online Social Networks

    Grabowicz, Przemyslaw A.; Ramasco, José J.; Eguíluz, Víctor M.
    Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks, Volume 2, Applications to Time-Varying Dynamical Systems , Springer New York, 3-17 (2013)


  • Big Science and Big Administration

    Smart, J.; Scott, M.; McCarthy, J.B.; Tan, K. T.; Argyrakis, P.; Bishop, R.; Havlin, S.; San Miguel, M.; Stauffacher, D.
    European Physical Journal Special Topics 214, 635-666 (2012)

  • Manifesto of Computational Social Science

    Conte, R.; Gilbert, N.; Bonelli, G.; Cioffi-Revilla, C.; Deffuant, G., Kertesz, K.; Loretto, V., Nadal, J.P.; Sanchez, A.; Nowak, A.; Flache, A.; San Miguel, M.; Helbing, D.
    European Physical Journal Special Topics 214, 325–346 (2012)

  • Computing using delayed feedback systems: towards photonics

    Appeltant, L.; Soriano, M.C.; Van der Sande, G.; Danckaert, J.; Massar, S.; Dambre, J.; Schrauwen, B.; Mirasso, C.R.; Fischer, I.
    Nonlinear Optics and Applications VI (Benjamin J. Eggleton; Alexander L. Gaeta; Neil G. Broderick, Editors) , SPIE Proceedings Vol.. 8434, 84341W (1-6) (2012)

  • Challenges in Complex Systems Science

    San Miguel, Maxi; Johnson, Jeffrey H.; Kertesz, Janos; Kaski, Kimmo; Díaz-Guilera, Albert; MacKay, Robert S.; Loreto, Vittorio; Erdi, Peter; Helbing, Dirk
    European Physical Journal Special Topics 214, 245-271 (2012)


  • Temporal Griffiths Phases

    Vazquez, Federico; Bonachela, Juan Antonio; López, Cristóbal; Muñoz, Miguel Angel
    Physical Review Letters 106, 235702 (2011)

  • Optical Delay Dynamics and its Applications

    Larger, Laurent; Fischer, Ingo
    The Complexity of Dynamical Systems: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective, Dubbeldam, Johan; Green, Kirk; Lenstra, Daan (ed.) , Wiley VCH, 63-98 (2011)

  • Viability and Resilience in the Dynamics of Language Competition

    Castelló, Xavier; Vazquez, Federico; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Loureiro-Porto, Lucía; San Miguel, Maxi; Chapel, Laetitia; Deffuant, Guilaume
    Viability and Resilience of Complex Systems. Concepts, Methods and Case Studies from Ecology and Society. G. Deffuant and N. Gilbert, eds. , Springer, 39-74 (2011)


  • Biological Impact of Ocean Transport: A Finite-Size Lyapunov Characterization

    Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Bettencourt, J.H.; Garcon, V.; Hernandez-Carrasco, I.; Lopez, C.; Rossi, V.; Sudre, J.; Tew Kai, E.
    Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Nonlinear Science and Complexity, Ankara, July 2010 (Ed. by D. Baleanu, Z.B. Guvenc and O. Defterli) , http://nsc10.cankaya.edu.tr/proceedings/index.html , Article Number 54 (2010)

  • Semiconductor Snail Lasers

    Strain, Michael J.; Mezosi, Gabor; Sorel, Marc; Pérez-Serrano, Antonio; Scirè, Alessandro; Balle, Salvador; Verschaffelt, Guy; Danckaert, Jan;
    Applied Physics Letters 96, 121105 (1-3) (2010)

  • Global Approach to Brain Activity: from Cognition to Disease

    Boccaletti S.; Cantero, J. L.; Chávez, M.; Egiazarian, K.; Fischer, I.; Gomez-Herrero, G..; Mirasso, C. R.; Pipa, G.; Singer, W.; Villa A. E. P.; and García-Ojalvo, J.
    Success Stories of the Advances and Applications of Complex Systems Science , Springer, (2010)


  • Resonance Induced by Repulsive Links

    Vaz Martins, Teresa; Toral, Raúl
    Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics - Model and Design of Complex Systems (In, Visarath; Longhini, Patrick; Palacios, Antonio, eds) , XII, Springer Verlag , 439-444 (2009)

  • Collective Phenomena in Complex Social Networks

    Vazquez, Federico; Gonzalez-Avella, Juan Carlos; Eguiluz, Victor M.; San Miguel, Maxi.
    Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics Model and Design of Complex Systems (In, Visarath; Longhini, Patrick; Palacios, Antonio, eds) XII, Springer Verlag, 189-200 (2009)


  • On Cycles in AS Relationships

    Dimitropoulos, Xenofontas.; Serrano, M. Ángeles; Krioukov, Dmitri
    ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 38, 103-104 (2008)

  • Ice film morphologies and the Structure Zone Model

    Cartwright, J. H. E.; Escribano, B.; Piro, O.; Sainz-Diaz, C. I.; Sánchez, P. A.; Sintes, T.
    COMPLEX SYSTEMS: 5th International Workshop on Complex Systems, AIP-Conference Proceedings 982, 696-701 (2008)

  • Modelling language competition: bilingualism and complex social networks

    Castelló, X.; Eguíluz, V.M.; San Miguel,M.; Loureiro-Porto, L.; Toivonen, R.; Saramäki, J.; Kaski, K
    The evolution of language; Proceedings of the 7th International Conference (EVOLANG7), Barcelona 2008. Eds. A.D.M. Smith, K. Smith, R. Ferrer-Cancho. , World Scientific Publishing Co., 59-66 (2008)


  • Evolutionary and Ecological Trees and Networks

    Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Herrada, E. A.;Rozenfeld, A.F.; Tessone, C.J.; Eguiluz, V.M.; Duarte, C.M.; Arnaud-Haond, S.; Serrao, E.
    Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics And Nonlinear Physics: XV Conference on Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Nonlinear Physics (Edited by O. Descalzi, O.A. Rosso and H.A. Larrondo) AIP Conf. Proc. 913, American Institute of Physics, 78-83 (2007)


  • Un Hombre Libre (A Free Man)

    Piro, Jose; Piro, Agueda Isabel; Piro, Oreste; Piro, Sergio Leopoldo
    Un Hombre Libre (A Free Man) , Editorial Tres Fuegos, (2006)


  • Redes Complejas en la Dinámica Social

    San Miguel, Maxi; Toral, Raúl; Eguíluz, Victor M.
    INGURUAK, Revista vasca de Sociología y Ciencia Política 42, Asociación vasca de sociología, 127-146 (2005)

  • Scale-Free Brain Functional Networks

    Eguiluz, Victor M.; Chialvo, Dante R.; Cecchi, Guillermo A..; Baliki, Marwan; Apkarian, A. Vania
    Physical Review Letters 94, 018102 (1-4) (2005)


  • Dynamics of Multimodel Semiconductor Lasers

    Yacomotti, A.; Furfaro, L.; Hachair, X.; Pedaci, F.; Giudici, M.; Tredicce, J.; Javaloyes, J.; Balle, S.; Viktorov, E.A.; Mandel, P.
    Physical Review A. 69, 053816 (1-9) (2004)

  • On the topographic rectification of ocean fluctuations

    Alvarez, Alberto; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio; Tintore, Joaquin
    Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures VII & VIII, edited by Orazio Descalzi, Javier Martínez, and Enrique Tirapegui , Kluwer academic publishers, Dordrecht, 133-139 (2004)

  • Boundary-forced spatial chaos

    Eguiluz, Victor M.; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio; Piro, Oreste
    Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures VII & VIII, edited by Orazio Descalzi, Javier Martínez, and Enrique Tirapegui , Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 205-212 (2004)

  • Synchronization properties of coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo Systems

    Tessone, C.J.; Toral, R.; Mirasso, C.R.;Gunton, J.D.
    Proceedings of the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi, Course CLV: The Physics of Complex Systems (New Advances and Perspectives) , Ed. by F. Mallamace and H.E. Stanley , IOS Press (Amsterdam), 461 (2004)


  • Cream On

    Cartwright, Julyan H. E. ; Piro,Oreste; Villacampa, Ana
    New Scientist 2379, 93-93 (2003)


  • Coupled optical excitable cells

    Yacomotti, A.M.; Mindlin, G.B.; Giudici, M.; Balle, S.; Barland, S.; Tredicce, J.
    Physical Review E 66, 036227 (1-11) (2002)

  • SOFT PROJECT: A new ocean forecasting system based on satellite data

    Pascual, A; Orfila, A.; Alvarez, A.; Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Gomis, D.; Barth, A.; Tintore, J.
    Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice 2001, edited by C.R. Bostater and R. Santoleri (Proc.SPIE Vol.4544), SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering (Bellingham, 2002), 11-23 (2002)



  • Patterns in Broad-Area Microcavities

    Ackemann, T.; Barland, S.; Giudici, M.; Tredicce, J.; Balle, S.; Jaeger, R.; Grabherr, M.; Miller, M.; Ebeling, K.J.
    Phys. Stat. Sol. B 221, 133-136 (2000)

  • Cooperation in an Adaptive Network

    Zimmermann, Martín G.; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; San Miguel, Maxi; Spadaro, Amedeo
    Application of Simulations to Social Sciences. Eds. G. Ballot and G. Weisbuch , Hermes Science Publications, 283-297 (2000)

  • Synchronization of Chaotic Systems by Common Random Forcing

    Raul Toral, Claudio R. Mirasso,E. Hernandez-Garcia and Oreste Piro
    Unsolved Problems of Noise and Fluctuations: UPON'99, Second international conference. D. Abbot, L. Kish, editors. , American Institute of Physics, Melville NY, 255-262 (2000)


  • 'Sausage-String' Patterns in Blood Vessels at High Blood Pressures

    Alstrom, Preben; Eguiluz, Victor M.; Gustafsson, Finn; Holstein-Rathlou, Niels-Henrik
    Statistical Mechanics of Biocomplexity, Proceedings of the XV Sitges Conference held at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 8-12 June 1998. Reguera, D., Vilar, J.M.G., Rubi, J.M. (Eds.) , Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1999), 24-37 (1999)

  • An Introduction to Chaotic Advection

    Cartwright, J. H. E.; Feingold, M.; Piro, O.
    Mixing: Chaos and Turbulence, edited by H. Chate, E. Villermaux, J.-M. Chomaz , Kluwer, 307-342 (1999)


  • Stochastic resonance in adatom diffusion on crystal surfaces

    Hernández-García, E.; Ala-Nissila, T.; Colet, P.; Dubé, M.; Majaniemi, S.
    FISES'97, Proceedings of the VIII Spanish Meeting on Statistical Physics, Edited by J.A. Cuesta and A. Sánchez. Anales de Física, Monografías RSEF, vol. 4 , Editorial CIEMAT, Madrid, 239-240 (1998)

  • Boundary induced frozen chaos

    Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Hernández-García, Emilio ; Piro, Oreste; Balle, Salvador
    FISES'97, Proceedings of the VIII Spanish Meeting on Statistical Physics, Edited by J.A. Cuesta and A. Snchez. Anales de Fisica, Monografias RSEF, vol. 4 , Editorial CIEMAT, Madrid, 213-214 (1998)


  • Hybrid Simulated Annealing

    Salazar, Rafael; Toral, Raul
    Supercomputation in Nonlinear and Disordered Structures: Algorithms, Applications and Architectures. L. Vazquez, ed. , World Scientific, 343 - 346 (1997)



  • Chaos in Biology

    Cartwright, J. H. E.; Piro, O.
    Proceedings of the International School of Biophysics, Ed. R. Rial , Universitat de les Illes Balears, 18-28 (1995)





  • Passage Time Description of Dynamical Processes

    San Miguel, M.; Hernández-García, E.; Colet, P.; Caceres, M. O.; De Pasquale, F.
    Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures III, Eds. E. Tirapegui and W. Zeller , Kluwer, 143-155 (1991)



  • Gain Noise in Dye Lasers

    Hernández-García, E.; San Miguel, M.; Toral, R.; Aguado, M.
    Coherence and Quantum Optics VI, Eds. J. H. Eberly, L. Mandel and E. Wolf , Plenum Press, 483-488 (1989)



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