Encryption key distribution via chaos synchronization

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Photonic Reservoir Computing for Ultra-Fast Information Processing Using Semiconductor Lasers

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Modeling the Entorhinal Cortex - Dentate Gyrus Circuit

Estarellas, Cristian (Supervisor: Mirasso, C.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Inhibitory loop robustly induces anticipated synchronization in neuronal microcircuits

Matias, F. S.; Gollo, L. L.; Carelli, P., Mirasso, C., Copelli, M.
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A symbolic information approach to determine anticipated and delayed synchronization in neuronal circuit models

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Self-Organized Near-Zero-Lag Synchronization Induced by Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity in Cortical Populations

Matias, F. S.; Carelli, P. V.; Mirasso, C. R.; Copelli, M.
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A Unified Framework for Reservoir Computing and Extreme Learning Machines based on a Single Time-delayed Neuron

Ortín, Silvia; Soriano, Miguel C.; Pesquera, Luis; Brunner, Daniel; San-Martín, Daniel; Fischer, Ingo; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Gutiérrez, José Manuel
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Digital Implementation of a Single Dynamical Node Reservoir Computer

Alomar, M. L.; Soriano, M. C.; Escalona-Moran, M.; Canals, V.; Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C. R.; Rossello, J. L.
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Anticipated synchronization in coupled complex Ginzburg-Landau systems

Physical Review E 92, 032911 (2015)

Computational Properties of Delay-Coupled Systems

Escalona Morán, Miguel Ángel (Supervisors: Claudio R. Mirasso, Miguel C. Soriano)
PhD Thesis (2015)

Time learning in one cerebellar purkinje cell

Majoral, Daniel (Supervisor: Mirasso, C. R.)
Master Thesis , (2015)

Minimal approach to neuro-inspired information processing

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Electrocardiogram Classification using Reservoir Computing with Logistic Regression

Escalona-Moran, M. A.; Soriano, M. C.; Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C. R.
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Nuestro cerebro es capaz de anticiparse a lo que va a pasar

Mirasso, Claudio R.
Saberes y Ciencias 34, pag. 10 (2014)

Multivariate nonlinear time-series estimation using delay-based reservoir computing

Escalona-Morán, M. A.; Soriano, M. C.; García-Prieto, J.; Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C. R.
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Modelling positive Granger Causality and negative phase lag between cortical areas

Matias F. S.; Gollo, L. L., Carelli, P.; Bressler, S.; Copelli, M.; Mirasso, C. R.
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A Photonic Brain

Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C.
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Mechanisms of Zero-Lag Synchronization in Cortical Motifs

Gollo, L.; Mirasso, C.; Sporns, O.; Breakspear, M.
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Suppression of deterministic and stochastic extreme desynchronization events using anticipated synchronization

Zamora-Munt, Jordi; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Toral, Raul;
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Limits to detection of generalized synchronization in delay-coupled chaotic oscillators

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Semiconductor laser dynamics under polarized rotated optical delay feedback and frequency detuning

Bueno, Julián (Supervisors: Mirasso, Claudio R.; Soriano, Miguel C. )
Master Thesis (2013)

Modeling zero-lag synchronization of dorsal horn neurons during the traveling of electrical waves in the cat spinal cord

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Information Processing Using Transient Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers Subject to Delayed Feedback

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Dynamics of brain networks in the aesthetic appreciation

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Spectral properties and synchronization scenarios of two mutually delay-coupled semiconductor lasers

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Complex photonics: Dynamics and applications of delay-coupled semiconductors lasers

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50 años del efecto mariposa

Mirasso, Claudio R.; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio
ENKI. Revista Cientifico-Cultural, Marzo, 54-58 (2013)

Parallel photonic information processing at gigabyte per second data rates using transient states

Brunner, D; Soriano, M. C.; Mirasso, C. R.; Fischer, I.
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Optoelectronic reservoir computing: tackling noise-induced performance degradation

Soriano, Miguel C.; Ortín, Silvia; Brunner, Daniel; Larger, Laurent; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Fischer, Ingo; Pesquera, Luis
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Dynamics and Synchronization of Motifs of Neuronal Populations in the Presence of Delayed Interactions

Gollo, Leonardo Lyra (Director: Claudio R. Mirasso)
PhD Thesis (2012)

Anticipated synchronization and the predict-prevent control method in the FitzHugh-Nagumo model system

Mayol, C; Mirasso, C.R.; Toral R.
Physical Review E 85, 056216 (2012)

Computing using delayed feedback systems: towards photonics

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Signal integration enhances the dynamic range in neuronal systems

Gollo, L. L.; Mirasso, C. R.; Eguíluz, V. M.
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Synchronization in simple network motifs with negligible correlation and mutual information measures

Soriano, M. C.; Van der Sande, G. ; Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C. R.
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Cuando las neuronas sincronizan sus relojes

Vicente, R. and Mirasso, C. R.
Mente y Cerebro 53, 62-71 (2012)

Photonic information processing beyond Turing: an optoelectronic implementation of reservoir computing

Larger, Laurent; Soriano, Miguel C.; Brunner, Daniel; Appeltant, Lennert; Gutierrez, José Manuel ; Pesquera, Luís; Mirasso,Claudio R.; Fischer, Ingo
Optics Express 20, 3241-3249 (2012)

Aesthetic appreciation: event-related field and time-frequency analyses

Munar, E.; Nadal, M.; Castellanos, N; Flexas, A; Maestú, F.; Mirasso, C. and Cela-Conde, J.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 5, 1-11 (2012)

Semiconductor laser dynamics at IFISC

Colet, P.; Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C:R.; Pérez-Serrano, A.; Scirè, A
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Information processing using a single dynamical node as complex system

Appeltant, L.; Soriano, M.C.; Van der Sande, G.; Danckaert, J.; Massar, S.; Dambre, J.; Schrauwen, B.; Mirasso, C.R.; Fischer, I.
Nature Communications 2, 468 (2011)

Anticipated synchronization in a biologically plausible model of neuronal motifs

Matias,F. S.; Carelli, P. V.; Mirasso, C. R., Copelli, M.
Physical Review E 84, 021922 (2011)

Distinguishing fingerprints of hyperchaotic and stochastic dynamics in optical chaos from a delayed optoelectronic oscillator

Soriano, Miguel C.; Zunino, Luciano; Larger, Laurent; Fischer, Ingo; Mirasso, Claudio R.
Optics Letters 36 (12), 2212-2214 (2011)

Effect of the topology and delayed interactions in neuronal networks synchronization

Pérez, Toni; García, Guadalupe; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Vicente, Raúl; Pipa, Gordon; Mirasso, Claudio
PLoS ONE 6(5), e19900 (2011)

Applications of semiconductor Lasers with optical feedback: novel concepts for tunable lasers and chaos control

Ilya Ermakov (Supervisors: Mirasso, Claudio R.; Danckaert, Jan; Beri, Stefano)
PhD Thesis (2011)

Theta band zero-lag long-range synchronization via hippocampal dynamical relaying

Gollo, L. L.; Mirasso, C.; Atienza, M.; Crespo-García, M.; Cantero, J. L.
PLoS ONE , e17756 (2011)

Time Scales of a Chaotic Semiconductor Laser With Optical Feedback Under the Lens of a Permutation Information Analysis

Soriano, Miguel C.; Zunino, Luciano; Rosso, Osvaldo A.; Fischer, Ingo; Mirasso, Claudio R.
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 47, 252-261 (2011)

Chaos generation and synchronization using an integrated source with an air gap

Tronciu, V.Z.; Mirasso, C.; Colet, P.; Hamacher, M,; Benedetti, M.; Vercesi, V.; Annovazzi-Lodi, V.
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46, 1840-1846 (2010)

Permutation information theory approach to unveil delay dynamics from time series analysis

Zunino, Luciano; Soriano, Miguel C.; Fischer, I.; Rosso, Osvaldo A.; Mirasso, Claudio R.
Physical Review E 82, 046212 (1-9) (2010)

Numerical investigation of nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor ring lasers with two external cavities

Ermakov, Ilya; Van der Sande, Guy; Gelens, Lendert; Scirè, Alessandro; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio; Tronciu, Vasile; Danckaert, Jan
Young Optical Scientists Conference YOSC-2009. Technical Digest , 106-109 (2010)

Effects of the topology and delayed connections in the synchronization properties of a neuronal network

García, Guadalupe C. (Directors: C. Mirasso and V. M. Eguíluz)
Master Thesis UIB (2010)

Electro-optic delay devices with double feedback

Nguimdo, Romain Modeste; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio R.
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46, 1436-1443 (2010)

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