Limits to detection of generalized synchronization in delay-coupled chaotic oscillators

Kato, Hideyuki; Soriano, Miguel C.; Pereda, Ernesto; Fischer, Ingo; Mirasso, Claudio R.
Physical Review E 88, 062924 (1-13) (2013)

We study how reliably generalized synchronization can be detected and characterized from time-series
analysis. To that end, we analyze synchronization in a generalized sense of delay-coupled chaotic oscillators in unidirectional ring configurations. The generalized synchronization condition can be verified via the auxiliary system approach; however, in practice, this might not always be possible. Therefore, in this study, widely used indicators to directly quantify generalized and phase synchronization from noise-free time series of two oscillators are employed complementarily to the auxiliary system approach. In our analysis, none of the indices provide the consistent results of the auxiliary system approach. Our findings indicate that it is a major challenge to directly detect synchronization in a generalized sense between two oscillators that are connected via a chain of other oscillators, even if the oscillators are identical. This has major consequences for the interpretation of the dynamics of coupled systems and applications thereof.

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