Encryption key distribution via chaos synchronization

Keuninckx, L.; Soriano, M. C.; Fischer, I.; Mirasso, C. R.; Nguimdo, R. M.; Van der Sande, G.
Scientific Reports 7, 43428 (2017)

We present a novel encryption scheme, wherein an encryption key is generated by two distant complex nonlinear units, forced into synchronization by a chaotic driver. The concept is sufficiently generic to be implemented on either photonic, optoelectronic or electronic platforms. The method for generating the key bitstream from the chaotic signals is reconfigurable. Although derived from a deterministic process, the obtained bit series fulfill the randomness conditions as defined by the National Institute of Standards test suite. We demonstrate the feasibility of our concept on an electronic delay oscillator circuit and test the robustness against attacks using a state-of-the-art system identification method.

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