• P.I.: Damià Gomila
  • Partners: FEMTO-ST (UMR CNRS 6174, Besançon, France)
  • Start date: Jan. 1, 2016
  • End date: Dec. 31, 2018

Nonlinear dynamics is a largely open scientific area with extremely challenging promises for future technologies. The positioning of the PICS project falls within this background, in the specific technological perspectives of photonic and its applications, for next generation fiber optics telecommunication sources, as well as for novel paradigm of brain-inspired high performance computing. Both fields are of highest relevance for the future growth of our information and communication society, in order to overcome the always increasing demand for higher information transmission rates, as well as faster and more complex data processing capabilities. Understanding and controlling complex photonic nonlinear dynamics is expected to provide the ability to design high stability and high frequency photonic combs for next generation communication systems, as well as to develop efficient information processing via novel brain-inspired paradigms known as Reservoir Computing.


  • Pere Colet

    Pere Colet

  • Ingo Fischer

    Ingo Fischer

  • Damià Gomila

    Damià Gomila

  • Miguel C. Soriano

    Miguel C. Soriano

  • Julián Bueno

    Julián Bueno

Recent Publications

Observation of the Eckhaus Instability in Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators

Gomila, D.; Parra-Rivas, P.; Colet, P.; Coillet, A.; Lin, G.; Chembo, Y.K.
submitted, (2020)

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