Evolution of movement strategies under competitive interactions

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Lagrangian study of an atmospheric blocking event

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Minimal mechanisms for vegetation patterns in semiarid regions

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Disentangling the influence of mutation and migration in clonal seagrasses using the Genetic Distance Spectrum for microsatellites

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Hydrodynamic provinces and oceanic connectivity from a transport network help designing marine reserves

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Self-localized states in species competition

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Exploring the tug of war between positive and negative interactions among savanna trees: Competition, dispersal, and protection from fire

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The reduction of plankton biomass induced by mesoscale stirring: a modeling study in the Benguela upwelling

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The noisy Hegselmann-Krause model for opinion dynamics

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Vegetation pattern formation in semiarid systems without facilitative mechanisms

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Lagrangian transport in a microtidal coastal area: the Bay of Palma, island of Mallorca, Spain

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Clustering determines who survives for competing Brownian and Levy walkers

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Interaction network based early warning indicators for the Atlantic MOC collapse

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Characterization of coherent structures in three-dimensional turbulent flows using the finite-size Lyapunov exponent

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Horizontal Transport and Mixing and their connection with Dynamical and Biological Processes in the Ocean.

Hernández-Carrasco, Ismael (Supervisors: López, Cristóbal and Hernández-García, Emilio)
PhD Thesis (2013)

50 años del efecto mariposa

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Synchronization, quantum correlations and entanglement in oscillator networks

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Genetic flow directionality and geographical segregation in Cymodocea Nodosa genetic diversity network

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Seasonal and regional characterization of horizontal mixing in the global ocean

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Diversity and noise effects in a model of homeostatic regulation of the sleep-wake cycle

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Oceanic three dimensional Lagrangian Coherent Structures: A study of a mesoscale eddy in the Benguela upwelling region.

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Competitive Brownian and Levy walkers

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Scaling properties of protein family phylogenies

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Wikipedia information flow analysis reveals the scale-free architecture of the Semantic Space

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Extracting directed information flow networks: an application to genetics and semantics

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Synchronization and entrainment of coupled circadian oscillators

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A Complex Network Approach to Phylogenetic Trees: From Genes to the Tree of Life

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PhD Thesis (2011)

How reliable are Finite-Size Lyapunov Exponents for the assessment of ocean dynamics?

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Diffusing opinions in bounded confidence processes

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Spatial clustering of interacting bugs: Levy flights versus Gaussian jumps

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Biological Impact of Ocean Transport: A Finite-Size Lyapunov Characterization

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Nonlinear Dynamics and Regime Shifts in Ecosystems

S. Bacelar, Flora (Director: Emílio Hernández-García)
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Preface "Nonlinear processes in oceanic and atmospheric flows"

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How Gaussian competition leads to lumpy or uniform species distributions

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Simple models for scaling in phylogenetic trees

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Modeling approach to regime shifts of primary production in shallow coastal ecosystems

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Diversity-induced resonance in a system of globally coupled linear oscillators

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Chemical and Biological Processes in Fluid Flows: A Dynamical Systems Approach

Neufeld, Zoltan; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio
, Imperial College Press, London (2009)

Scaling properties and robustness of finite-size Lyapunov exponents in surface marine flows

Hernández-Carrasco, Ismael (Directors: López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio)
Master Thesis , (2009)

Simple Branching Models for Macroevolution

Tugrul, Murat (Directors: Emilio Hernandez-Garcia and Victor M. Eguiluz)
Master Thesis (2009)

Surface mixing and biological activity in the four Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems

Rossi, Vincent; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Sudre, Joel; Garcon, Veronique; Morel, Yves
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Noisy continuous-opinion dynamics

M. Pineda, R. Toral and E. Hernandez-Garcia
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Top marine predators track Lagrangian coherent structures

Tew Kai, E.; Rossi, V.; Sudre, J.; Weimerskirch, H.; Lopez, C.; Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Marsac, F.; Garçon, V.
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Species competition: coexistence, exclusion and clustering

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Ecological Thresholds and Regime Shifts: from theory to operation

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Joint effects of nutrients and contaminants on the dynamics of a food chain in marine ecosystems

S. Bacelar, Flora; Dueri, Sibylle; Hernández-García, Emilio; Zaldívar, José Manuel
Mathematical Biosciences 218, 24-32 (2009)

Comparison between Eulerian diagnostics and Finite-Size Lyapunov Exponents computed from Altimetry in the Algerian basin

d'Ovidio, F; Isern-Fontanet, J;López, C; Hernández-García, E; García-Ladona, E
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Network analysis identifies weak and strong links in a metapopulation system

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Universal functions and exactly solvable chaotic systems

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Bifurcation Analysis of a Marine Food Chain

Souza Bacelar, Flora (Director E. Hernandez-Garcia)
Master Thesis (2008)

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