Claudio Mirasso

Claudio Mirasso Santos
My primary interest is in the dynamics and synchronization properties of complex systems. In particular, I have been working on semiconductor lasers dynamics with applications to chaos-based communications. I have been also involved in studies related to the constructive role of noise. More recently, I have started to work with delayed couple system, including lasers, neurons and non linear oscillator in general.

Ongoing Research projects


Improving data DEcoding in optical communication networks All-optically using neuro-inspired photonic systems

P.I.: Miguel C. Soriano, Ingo Fischer, Claudio Mirasso
Novel technologies related to optical communications, sensing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence have been generating unique opportunities and potential to enhance our quality-of-life, and to provide new services for ...


Nonlinear dynamics in photonics for future information and communication technologies

P.I.: DamiĆ  Gomila
Nonlinear dynamics is a largely open scientific area with extremely challenging promises for future technologies. The positioning of the PICS project falls within this background, in the specific technological perspectives of photonic ...

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