We welcome the new students of the Master’s Degree in Physics of Complex Systems

Oct. 3, 2022

Today we welcome the new students who will be taking the renewed IFISC Master in Physics of Complex Systems during this academic year. 11 students from 4 countries, graduated in different bachelors such as physics, computer science or Earth sciences, have enrolled our master's degree. These students will take the new syllabus for the first time. 

Last year the IFISC Faculty decided to update the Master’s contents and skills. Within the block of core subjects, the program makes a special emphasis on Data Science, Machine Learning and Information Theory, since these fields are consolidating within Complex Systems research and are increasingly important for complex science practitioners. On the other hand, the number of elective courses increase, allowing students to specialize in the branch of Complex Systems science of their interest. 

The Master's Degree in Physics of Complex Systems was created in 2012 with unique characteristics based on interdisciplinarity, novelty and rigor. More than one hundred students have since been trained in its classrooms, achieving high levels of excellence and satisfaction. 


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