Science Fair of the Balearic Islands.Menorca, March 26-28 2009

March 26, 2009

Science Fair is an activity addressed the general public wich pretends to stimulate the development of the creative and scientific abilities, to promote investigation and to spread scientific and technological knowledges. The IFISC is present at The Science Fair for the second consecutive year. His participation is part of the block of different research projects presented by the UIB.

Trough this activity the IFISC tries to disseminate and communicate his scientific work promoting the value of scientific knowledge and improving its public perception. This year the central theme of the IFISC’s stand has been optics, counting on the participation of the newly formed group.

There were a dozen different activities on laser light and applications, optical illusions and image formation. Diversity of the proposed scientific experiences helped to teach and entertain small and big alike.

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