Pint of Science 2023: the festival in Palma that brings science closer to the bar

May 18, 2023

  • IFISC and IMEDEA, two CSIC-UIB institutes located in the Balearic Islands, are organizing the fourth edition of the Pint of Science Festival in Palma, in which researchers from the UIB will also participate.
  • The event will take place at the Café A Tres Bandas in Plaza Barcelona, Palma, on 22, 23 and 24 May at 19:00.
  • This outreach festival is held simultaneously and coordinated in several countries around the world. Spain is the second country with more participation, filling bars and cities of science for three consecutive days.   

Pint of Science (PoS), the international science outreach festival that proposes a meeting between leading researchers and the public in a relaxed atmosphere, the bars, returns to Palma on 22, 23 and 24 May. 

Two research institutes will be in charge of organizing this new edition, which will be the fourth in the Balearic Islands: the Institute of Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC CSIC-UIB) and the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (IMEDEA CSIC-UIB), both located in Mallorca and accredited as units of excellence María de Maeztu. 

In total, 9 scientists from IFISC, IMEDEA and the UIB (Universitat de les Illes Balears) will explain what research they are carrying out, addressing 3 distinct thematic areas: Planet Earth, which covers Earth sciences, evolution and zoology; Our Body, on neurosciences, nutrition and biomedicine; and Our Society, which addresses sociotechnical systems. 

Thus, by entering the bar, the public will be able to explore how the brain works, dive with the organisms that inhabit the microscopic world, understand the mechanisms that will affect the rise in sea level, find out how hoaxes spread through the observation of a drunk person or decipher what artificial intelligence has to say in the field of computational flamenco. These and other proposals will be presented in Palma during the three days of the festival. 

The event will take place on May 22, 23 and 24 at the A Tres Bandas café in Plaza Barcelona, Palma. All sessions are free and will start at 19:00.  


The current affairs and diversity of scientific topics, components of the festival's program 

On Monday 22nd, IMEDEA will open the festival within the framework of the Ocean Night project -a CSIC initiative that seeks to raise awareness about the relationship between our society and the ocean- with three talks ranging from the micro to the macro scale: first, researcher Marco Polin will open a window to the fascinating world of microbial motility. Next, Iris Hendricks will immerse us in marine environments to talk about our great allies against climate change: aquatic plants. Ángel Amores will close the session by showing us how storms and sea levels are causing extreme events in our region. 

On Tuesday 23rd it will be the turn of IFISC researchers. With Pablo Rosillo we will be able to understand, with the help of new computer algorithms, why flamenco continues to captivate audiences around the world centuries later. On the other hand, with Manuel Miranda we will learn how to predict things like airplane delays through a mathematical tool that describes random trajectories, such as those of drunk people. Finally, with María Martínez we will discover one of the most important infrastructures in the world, which hides behind a plug. All of them are PhD students in physics of complex systems. 

On Wednesday 24 will close the festival with the research being developed at UIB. Through these presentations we will learn about the next challenges of modern neuroscience from Celia Garau, PhD in neurophysiology; the power of perinatal nutrition with Pere Bibiloni, PhD student; and what does it mean "false thin" with Carmen Garcia, also a PhD student in fundamental biology and health sciences. 

The complete program can be consulted on the PoS festival website:


An international science outreach festival 

Pint of Science (PoS) 2023 will be held on the same dates in 26 countries on 5 continents. PoS aims, since its creation in 2013 at Imperial College London, to bring researchers closer to the public, taking advantage of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the bars to facilitate their interaction. 

Spain is the second country with the second highest participation in the world, being held in 54 Spanish cities. Specifically, this 8th edition breaks records again: 537 talks spread over more than 300 events, with the participation of more than 545 scientists (232 female scientists and 258 male scientists).  

In the Balearic Islands, the first edition was held during 2017 in Palma organized by IFISC (UIB-CSIC).

 pint of science 2023

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