Mobility seen from new data sources

June 9, 2020

On May 21, within the framework of the CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform (PTI) Mobility 2030, the IFISC researcher (UIB-CSIC) José Ramasco inaugurated the cycle "Mobility and covid-19" of the Ibercaja Foundation. In his talk, entitled "Mobility seen from new data sources", Ramasco addressed how, from interdisciplinary science and technology, it is possible to tackle the complex infrastructure of cities, the distribution of the population and their mobility needs in increasingly crowded areas. All this without losing sight of the need to improve the quality of life and air in cities.

The videoconference was presented and moderated by Jaime Armengol, coordinator of the project Mobility City, and was also hosted by Catalina Martínez, coordinator of the PTI Mobility 2030 of the CSIC. In particular, the platform Mobility 2030 aims to achieve sustainable urban mobility by providing solutions to reduce emissions and improve air quality and health in cities over the next decade. It involves the collaboration of 19 CSIC research groups focusing on disciplines ranging from electrochemistry, physics and robotics to demography, economics and data science.

The webinar "Mobility as seen from new data sources" is available on the Mobility City YouTube channel.

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