IFISC research team puts Nvidia's new GPUs to the test

March 9, 2021

A team of researchers from IFISC (CSIC-UIB), led by Dr. Pere Colet and composed by Dr. Massimiliano Zanin, Alex Gimenez and Pablo Moreno has tested a Sie Ladon GPU Rome server based on the platform Gigabyte G492-Z50 with the full range of the new NVIDIA Ampere GPUs: A100, A6000 and RTX3090. Tests were based on programs using CUDA libraries and reflect actual calculations.

The server had two AMD 7282 processors of 16 cores at 2.8 Ghz (turbo 3.2 Ghz), a 2 TB SSD system disk and a high endurance Micron 9300 MAX disk of 12.8 TB NVME, which provides a speed of 850,000 read IOPS and 310,000 write IOPS.

The work carried out by IFISC within the SuMaECO project is of great ecological interest in Mallorca, since it involves simulations of the growth of Posidonia meadows. These underwater plants are vital for the subsistence of the seabed and sand fixation, in addition to providing food and shelter to many species of fish and other animals of our Mediterranean Sea.In addition, classification of images and time series has also been tested using neural networks in the TensorFlow environment has also been tested. These techniques are going to be used, among others, in the prediction of delays at airports (ERC Starting Grand ARTIC) and the remote sensing of Xylella fastidiosa in crops.

You can see the GPU speed tests with the calculations made by these IFISC researchers at this link.


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