IFISC Poster Party 2021: winners list

April 6, 2021

The IFISC Poster Party is an annual activity where PhD students and postdoctoral researchers of IFISC present their research in a poster format. This year, due to health restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic, the Poster Party was online. To replace the explanations of the authors themselves, each of the participants prepared a short video explaining the conclusions of the study and allowed anyone interested to learn first-hand about the latest research by young IFISC researchers. As usual at this event, IFISC staff were able to vote for their favourite poster. Here is the full list of winners, separated by line of research:

Transport and Information in Quantum Systems:

Nonlinear Photonics:

Nonlinear dynamics in fluids:


Dynamics and Collective Phenomena in Social and Socio-technical Systems:

In addition, this year's online event opened up the possibility for the public to vote for their favourite poster and explanation. The most voted contribution by people outside IFISC was Irene Estébanez’s “Reservoir computing to recover optical communication signals”.

All posters and videos of the participants are available on this website.


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