Visual Alchemy and Beyond: Exploring Top-Down Effects in Visual Processing

Javier Galván

PhD student @ IFISC

Broadcast soon

This talk presents a computational model of the lateromedial visual area (LM) and primary visual cortex (V1) in mice, aiming to explore the role of top-down input in visual processing. The model incorporates biologically realistic data and meso- and macroscale connectome, providing a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between LM and V1. The study investigates the effect of top-down input on visual information processing and reveals the role of LM in spatial information processing and feature detection. The developed model opens up avenues for studying spatial receptive fields, selectivity measures, and the impact of top-down projections, contributing to our understanding of visual processing in the mouse brain and paving the way for future investigations in the field of visual perception and beyond.

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Claudio Mirasso

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