Quantum catalysis in cavity QED

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Catalysis plays a key role in many scientific areas, most notably in chemistry and biology. In this talk, I will present a catalytic process in a paradigmatic quantum optics setup, namely the Jaynes-Cummings model, where an atom interacts with an optical cavity. The atom plays the role of the catalyst, and allows for the deterministic generation of non-classical light in the cavity. Considering a cavity prepared in a "classical'' coherent state, and choosing appropriately the atomic state and the interaction time, we obtain an evolution with the following properties. First, the state of the cavity has been modified, and now features non-classicality, as witnessed by sub-Poissonian statistics or Wigner negativity. Second, the process is catalytic, in the sense that the atom is deterministically returned to its initial state exactly, and could then in principle be re-used multiple times. I will further investigate the mechanism of this catalytic process, in particular highlighting the key role of correlations and quantum coherence.

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Gonzalo Manzano

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