Gonzalo Manzano

Gonzalo Manzano Paule
  • Campus Universitat de les Illes Balears
    E-07122 Palma de Mallorca. Spain
  • Office S03
  • +34 971 25 95 20
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I am Juan de la Cierva (Incorporacion) researcher at IFISC since May 2021. Before coming here I was ESQ Postdoc at IQOQI Vienna (2020-2021) and Postdoc at ICTP Trieste (2018-2020). I obtained my PhD in Physics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2017 followed by a short Postdoc at IFISC (2017-2018).

My research covers different topics related to quantum and stochastic thermodynamics, information, open quantum systems and statistical physics.

Recent key publications:

+ Thermodynamics of Gambling Demons. G Manzano, D Subero, O Maillet, R Fazio, JP Pekola, and É Roldán. Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 080603 (2021).

See also the related articles in Physics FOCUS and Quanta Magazine.

+ Hybrid thermal machines: Generalized thermodynamic resources for multitasking G Manzano, R Sánchez, R Silva, G Haack, JB. Brask, N Brunner, and PP Potts. Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043302 (2020).

Research profile in arXiv and Google Scholar.

Recent Publications

Synchronization along quantum trajectories

Es’haqi-Sani, Najmeh; Manzano, Gonzalo; Roberta, Zambrini; Fazio, Rosario
Physical Review Research 2, 023101 (1-11) (2020)

Boosting the performance of small autonomous refrigerators via common environmental effects

Manzano,Gonzalo;Giorgi,Gian Luca;Fazio,Rosario;Zambrini,Roberta
New Journal of Physics 21, 123026 (1-14) (2019)

Entropy production and fluctuations in a Maxwell's refrigerator with squeezing

Manzano, Gonzalo
European Physical Journal - Special Topics 227, 285-300 (2018)

Quantum Fluctuation Theorems for Arbitrary Environments: Adiabatic and Nonadiabatic Entropy Production

Manzano, G.;Horowitz, J.M.; Parrondo, J.M.R.
Physical Review X 8, 031037 (2018)

Thermodynamics and Synchronization in Open Quantum Systems

Manzano Paule, Gonzalo (Supervisors: Parrondo, Juan M.R.; Zambrini, Roberta)
PhD Thesis, Springer Theses (2018)

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