Instability and 'Sausage-String' Appearance in Blood Vessels during High Blood Pressure

Alstrom, Preben; Eguiluz, Victor M.; Colding-Jorgensen, Morten; Gustafsson, Finn; Holstein-Rathlou, Niels-Henrik
Physical Review Letters 82, 1995-1998 (1999)

Average Patterns of Spatiotemporal Chaos: a Boundary Effect

Eguiluz, Victor M.; Alstrom, Preben; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio; Piro, Oreste
Phys. Rev. E 59, 2822-2825 (1999)

Boundary induced frozen chaos

Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Hernández-García, Emilio ; Piro, Oreste; Balle, Salvador
FISES'97, Proceedings of the VIII Spanish Meeting on Statistical Physics, Edited by J.A. Cuesta and A. Snchez. Anales de Fisica, Monografias RSEF, vol. 4, Editorial CIEMAT, Madrid, 213-214 (1998)

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