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Touristic site attractiveness seen through Twitter

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Systematic comparison of trip distribution laws and models

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Comparing and modeling land use organization in cities

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Human diffusion and city influence

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Multi-Strain Competition in Finite Size Communities

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Exploring the potential of phone call data to characterize the relationship between social network and travel behavior

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Persistence in Voting Behavior: Stronghold Dynamics in Elections

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Master Thesis: Time Series Analysis of Online Social Media

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Social imitation vs strategic choice, or consensus vs cooperation in the networked Prisoner’s Dilemma

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Tweets on the road

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Cross-checking different sources of mobility information

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Complex Networks approach to modeling online social systems: The emergence of computational social science

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Transmission of HIV in sexual networks in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

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Dynamics of brain networks in the aesthetic appreciation

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Data-driven modeling of systemic delay propagation under severe meteorological conditions

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Systemic delay propagation in transportation networks

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Systemic delay propagation in the US airport network

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Dynamics in Online Social Networks

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Real-time numerical forecast of global epidemic spreading: case study of 2009 A/H1N1pdm

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Influence of opinion dynamics on the evolution of games

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Social and strategic imitation: the way to consensus

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Dynamical classes of collective attention in Twitter

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Social features of online networks: The strength of intermediary ties in online social media

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Information filtering in complex weighted networks

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