Nonlinear electric response of chiral topological superconductors

Minchul Lee, Rosa Lόpez
, (2021)

We investigate, in the non-equilibrium Keldysh frame, a topological resistor–capacitor (RC) circuit consisting of a quantum dot coupled to a Majorana edge mode formed around a chiral topological superconductor. We implement both the adiabatic approximation and the numerical exact calculations to find out the unique non-equilibrium features of the electric response of the dissipative Majorana channel. First, the dependence of the dissipation on the frequency Ω of the ac driving on the dot is found to be greatly different whether the time-dependent dot level crosses the Fermi level or not during the driving. In the latter case, the relaxation resistance Rq, the measure of the dissipation, obeys Rq ∝ Ω2 for small frequencies, and in the former case, Rq ∝ Ω−1/3 diverges as Ω → 0. In the former case, a universal scaling law for the dissipative part of the ac power is observed and attributed to the δ-peak in the dot density of states due to a uncoupled dot Majorana mode at the dot resonance condition. We compare the ac power, current, and the relaxation resistance between Majorana and trivial Dirac channels and clarify the Majorana nature in the dissipation.

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