Noise Spectra of a semiconductor ring laser in the bidirectional regime

Pérez-Serrano,Antonio; Zambrini,Roberta; Scirè,Alessandro; Colet,Pere
Physical Review A 80, 043843 (1-7) (2009)

We analytically investigate the influence of complex backscattering coefficients and pump current on the noise spectra of a two-mode model for semiconductor ring laser in the Langevin formulation. The system features in the bidirectional regime are naturally described in terms of the two mode-intensity sum (I spectrum) and difference (D spectrum). The I spectrum reflects the energy exchange between the total field and the medium and behaves similarly to the relative intensity noise for single-mode semiconductor lasers. The D spectrum represents the energy exchange between the two counterpropagating modes and is shaped by the noisy precursor of a Hopf bifurcation induced by the complex backscattering.

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