Noise-induced scenario for inverted phase diagrams

M. Ibañes, J. García-Ojalvo, R. Toral and J.M. Sancho
Physical Review Letters 87, 20601 (2001)

We introduce a class of exactly solvable models exhibiting an
ordering noise-induced phase transition in which order arises as a result
of a balance between the relaxing deterministic dynamics and the
randomizing character of the fluctuations.
A finite-size scaling analysis of the phase transition reveals that
it belongs to the universality class of the equilibrium Ising model.
All these results are analyzed in the light of the nonequilibrium
probability distribution of the system, which can be obtained
analytically. Our results could constitute a possible scenario of inverted
phase diagrams in the
so-called Lower Critical Solution Temperature (LCST) transitions.

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