Noise effects on time delay reservoir computing using silicon microring resonators

Donati, Giovanni; (Argyris, Apostolos; Mancinelli, Mattia; Mirasso, Claudio Ruben; Pavesi, Lorenzo; )
Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XXVI, SPIE, 12004, 219--226 (2022)

Time-delay Reservoir Computing has gained considerable interest in the last years thanks to the hardware
simplicity that it requires. We recently proposed a photonic hardware implementation where a single silicon
microring resonator subject to optical feedback is the fundamental processing unit. Several processing schemes
are possible for this system, including the one with only the microring resonator in absence of feedback. This last
configuration, is based on the role of the microring resonator nonlinearities, that also act as memory source for
the system, allowing to solve memory demanding tasks such as the Santa Fe benchmark task. Here we highlight
the effects of noise applied directly on the output optical signal of the single microring resonator while solving
the Santa Fe task. Correlations between the degree of microring resonator nonlinearity and noise-robustness are

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