Modeling Bidirectionally Coupled Single-Mode Semiconductor Lasers

Mulet, Josep; Masoller, Cristina; Mirasso, Claudio
Physical Review A 65, 063815-12pages (2002)

We develop a dynamical model suitable for the description of two
mutually coupled semiconductor lasers in a face-to-face
configuration. Our study considers the propagation of the electric
field along the compound system as well as the evolution of the
carrier densities within each semiconductor laser. Mutual
injection, passive optical feedback, and multiple reflections are
accounted for in this framework, although under weak to moderate
coupling conditions. We systematically describe the effect of the
coupling strength on the spectrum of monochromatic solutions and
on the respective dynamical behavior. By assuming
single-longitudinal mode operation, weak mutual coupling and
slowly-varying approximation, the dynamical model can be reduced
to rate equations describing the mutual injection from one laser
to its counterpart and viceversa. A good agreement between the
complete and simplified models is found for small coupling. For
larger coupling, higher-order terms lead to a smaller threshold
reduction, reflected itself in the spectrum of the monochromatic
solutions and in the dynamics of the optical power.

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