Inhibitory loop robustly induces anticipated synchronization in neuronal microcircuits

Matias, F. S.; Gollo, L. L.; Carelli, P., Mirasso, C., Copelli, M.
Physical Review E 94, 042411 (1-8) (2016)

We investigate the synchronization properties between two excitatory coupled neurons in the
presence of an inhibitory loop mediated by an interneuron. Dynamical inhibition together with
noise independently applied to each neuron provide phase diversity in the dynamics of the neuronal
motif. We show that the interplay between the coupling strengths and external noise controls the
phase relations between the neurons in a counter-intuitive way. For a master-slave con guration
(unidirectional coupling) we nd that the slave can anticipate the master, on average, if the slave
is subject to the inhibitory feedback. In this non-usual regime, called anticipated synchronization
(AS), the phase of the post-synaptic neuron is advanced with respect to that of the pre-synaptic
neuron. We also show that the AS regime survives even in the presence of unbalanced bidirectional
excitatory coupling. Moreover, for the symmetric mutually coupled situation, the neuron that is
subject to the inhibitory loop leads in phase.

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