Heat flux direction controlled by power-law oscillators under non-Gaussian fluctuations

Colombo, E.H.; Defaveri, L.A.C.A.;Anteneodo, C.
Physical Review E 100, 032118 (2019)

Chains of particles coupled through anharmonic interactions and subject to non-Gaussian baths can exhibit paradoxical outcomes such as heat currents flowing from colder to hotter reservoirs. Aiming to explore the role of generic non-harmonicities in mediating the contributions of non-Gaussian fluctuations to the direction of heat propagation, we consider a chain of power-law oscillators, with interaction potential V(x)∝|x|α, subject to Gaussian and Poissonian baths at its ends. Performing numerical simulations and addressing heuristic considerations, we show that a deformable potential has bidirectional control over heat flux.

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