Generalized Aubry-André self-duality and mobility edges in non-Hermitian quasiperiodic lattices

Liu, Tong; Guo, Hao; Pu, Yong; Longhi, Stefano
Physical Review B 102, 024205 (1-10) (2020)

We demonstrate the existence of generalized Aubry-André self-duality in a class of non-Hermitian quasiperiodic lattices with complex potentials. From the self-duality relations, the analytical expression of mobility edges is derived. Compared to Hermitian systems, mobility edges in non-Hermitian ones not only separate localized from extended states but also indicate the coexistence of complex and real eigenenergies, making possible a topological characterization of mobility edges. An experimental scheme, based on optical pulse propagation in synthetic photonic mesh lattices, is suggested to implement a non-Hermitian quasicrystal displaying mobility edges.

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