From Coulomb blockade to the Kondo regime in a Rashba dot

López, Rosa; Sánchez, David; Serra, Llorenç
Physical Review B 76, 035307 (1-6) (2007)

We investigate the electronic transport in a quantum wire with localized Rashba interaction. The Rashba field forms quasibound states that couple to the continuum states with an opposite spin direction. The presence of this Rashba dot causes Fano-like antiresonances and dips in the wire's linear conductance. The Fano line shape arises from the interference between the direct transmission channel along the wire and the hopping through the Rashba dot. Due to the confinement, we predict the observation of large charging energies in the local Rashba region, which lead to Coulomb-blockade effects in the transport properties of the wire. Importantly, the Kondo regime can be achieved with a proper tuning of the Rashba interaction, giving rise to an oscillating linear conductance for a fixed occupation of the Rashba dot.

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