Cross thermoelectric coupling in normal-superconductor quantum dots

Hwang, S.-Y.; Lopez, R.; Sanchez, D.
Physical Review B 91, 104518 (1-6) (2015)

We discuss the nonlinear current of an interacting quantum dot coupled to normal and superconducting reservoirs with applied voltage and temperature differences. Due to the particle-hole symmetry introduced by the superconducting lead, the pure (subgap) thermoelectric response vanishes. However, we show that the Andreev bound states shift as the thermal gradient increases. As a consequence, the I−V characteristic can be tuned with a temperature bias if the system is simultaneously voltage biased. This is a cross effect that occurs beyond linear response only. Furthermore, we emphasize the role of quasiparticle tunneling processes in the generation of high thermopower sensitivities.

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