Pattern formation in clonal plants

Schönsberg, Francesca (Supervisors: Gomila, D. and Hernandez-Garcia, E.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Modeling the Entorhinal Cortex - Dentate Gyrus Circuit

Estarellas, Cristian (Supervisor: Mirasso, C.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Network properties of genotype-phenotype mappings

de la Fuente, Rebeca (Supervisor: Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio)
Master Thesis (2016)

Cooperative Epidemic Spreading

Hoffman, Xavier (Supervisors: Boguñá, M. and Toral, R.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Robustness of Plant-Pollinator Mutualistic Networks to Phenological Mismatches

Payrató, Claudia (Supervisor: Ramasco, J.J.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Dynamics of vascular branching morphogenesis

Khadka, Jason (Supervisors Sintes, T.; Matias, M.A.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Inelastic effects on thermoelectric transport through Coulomb systems

Rosselló, Guillem (Supervisor: López, Rosa)
Master Thesis (2015)

Photonic Reservoir Computing: The role of the Mach-Zehnder modulator

Alfaras Espinàs, Miquel (Supervisors: Fischer, Ingo; Soriano, Miguel C.)
Master Thesis (2015)

Models of mobility

Cestnik, R. (Supervisor: Eguíluz, V.M.)
Master Thesis (2015)

Rheological properties of a single magnetic filament. A Langevin dynamics study.

Sitges Riera, Juan (Supervisors: Sintes, T.; Cerdà, J. J.)
Master Thesis (2015)

Statistical mechanics of multilayer networks

Fernández Peralta, Antonio (Supervisor: Toral, Raúl)
Master Thesis (2015)

Time learning in one cerebellar purkinje cell

Majoral, Daniel (Supervisor: Mirasso, C. R.)
Master Thesis , (2015)

Multi-Strain Competition in Finite Size Communities

Georgopoulou, Dimitra (Supervisor: Ramasco, Jose J.)
Master Thesis (2015)

Current and heat fluctuations in mesoscopic systems

Arjona, Vicente (Supervisor: Sánchez, David)
Master Thesis , (2015)

Evolution of movement strategies under competitive interactions

Kiziridis, Danis (Supervisors: Hernández-García, Emilio; López, Cristóbal)
Master Thesis , (2014)

Lagrangian study of an atmospheric blocking event

Recuerda, Irene (Supervisors: Hernández-García, Emilio; López, Cristóbal )
Master Thesis , (2014)

Master Thesis: Time Series Analysis of Online Social Media

Artime, Oriol (M. San Miguel; JJ Ramasco)
Master Thesis (2014)

Optical properties of 2D Majorana nanowires

Ruiz, Daniel (director Serra, Llorenç)
Master thesis (2014)

Synchronization in multilayer networks of mobile oscillators

Rodríguez, Jorge P. (Supervisor: Eguíluz, Víctor M.)
Master Thesis (2014)

Thermoelectric effects in quantum dots with interaction

Sierra, Miguel A. (Supervisor: Sánchez, David)
Master Thesis (2014)

Co-evolution of networks

Loreti,Simone (Supervisor Toral, Raul)
Master Thesis (2014)


Matias, F. S.
PhD Thesis (2014)

Majorana zero modes in smooth 1d junctions and cylindrical nanowires

Osca, Javier (Supervisors Serra, Llorenç and Lopez, Rosa)
Master Thesis (2013)

Spin thermoelectric eff ects in Resonant Tunnelling Diodes

Hernández Nicolau, Javier (Supervisor Sánchez, David)
Master Thesis (2013)

Semiconductor laser dynamics under polarized rotated optical delay feedback and frequency detuning

Bueno, Julián (Supervisors: Mirasso, Claudio R.; Soriano, Miguel C. )
Master Thesis (2013)

Systemic delay propagation in transportation networks

Fleurquin, Pablo (Supervisors: Ramasco, José J.; Eguíluz, Victor M.
Master Thesis (2013)

Dynamics of semiconductor lasers subjected to polarization rotated feedback and its application to fast random bit generation

Oliver, Neus (Supervisors: Fischer, Ingo; Soriano, Miguel C.)
Master Thesis (2012)

The effect of temporal disorder on Complex Systems: Temporal Griffiths Phases.

Martínez-García, Ricardo (Supervisors: López, Cristóbal; Vázquez, Federico)
Master Thesis. (2011)

Quantum aspects of synchronization of coupled harmonic oscillators in presence of dissipation

Manzano Paule, Gonzalo (Supervisor: Zambrini, Roberta)
Master Thesis UCM (2011)

Experimental Study of the Synchronization of Two Delay-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers

Porte Parera, Xavier (Supervisors: Fischer, Ingo; Soriano, Miguel C.)
Master Thesis (2011)

Updating rules and the voter model

Fernández-Gracia, Juan (Supervisors San Miguel, Maxi and Eguíluz,Víctor M.)
Master Thesis (2011)

Effects of the topology and delayed connections in the synchronization properties of a neuronal network

García, Guadalupe C. (Directors: C. Mirasso and V. M. Eguíluz)
Master Thesis UIB (2010)

Divide and conquer

Vaz Martins, T. (director R. Toral)
Master Thesis (2010)

Control of light emission in Parametric Oscillators with Photonic Crystals

Moreno,M. (director Zambrini, R.)
Master thesis (2009)

Flow analysis and first integrals of a family of 3D Lotka-Volterra Systems

Adrian C. Murza (Directors: Rafel Prohens, Antonio E. Teruel)
Master Thesis (2009)

Gaussian approximation to the resolution of master equations

Fernández Lafuerza, Luis (Director Raúl Toral)
Master thesis (2009)

Scaling properties and robustness of finite-size Lyapunov exponents in surface marine flows

Hernández-Carrasco, Ismael (Directors: López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio)
Master Thesis , (2009)

Simple Branching Models for Macroevolution

Tugrul, Murat (Directors: Emilio Hernandez-Garcia and Victor M. Eguiluz)
Master Thesis (2009)

Synchronization between populations of neurons

Lyra Gollo, Leonardo (Director: Claudio Mirasso)
Master Thesis (2008)

Optical communications using semiconductor laser with electro-optical feedback devices

Romain Modeste Nguimdo (Director: Pere Colet)
Master Thesis (2008)

Bifurcation Analysis of a Marine Food Chain

Souza Bacelar, Flora (Director E. Hernandez-Garcia)
Master Thesis (2008)

Correlations in semiconductor ring lasers in the bidirectional regime

Antonio Pérez S. (Director A. Scire)
Memoria de Master, UIB. (2007)

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