Sungguen Ryu

Sungguen Ryu
  • Campus Universitat de les Illes Balears
    E-07122 Palma de Mallorca. Spain
  • Office S04
  • +34 971 25 99 08
  • Contact
My expertise is theory of electron transport in nanodevices driven into nonequilibrium by time-dependent field.
I addressed the following specific topics.
    How to control and measure a single-electron nonequilibrium excitations using the time-dependent field.
        (belongs to study oaf single-electron source and quantum tomography)
    How the electric currents/noises are affected by coherent interference of single/two-electron excitations.
        (belongs to study of electron-quantum optics and electron flying qubits)
    What is the decoherence/relaxation mechanism of the single-electron excitations.

I am interested in the general challenges:
    How to understand the nonequilibrium quantum dynamics of electrons.
    How to use the understanding for quantum information processing in nanodevices.
Related to this, I have background in quantum information theory: how to quantify many-body quantum entanglement.

Recently, I am trying to address the topics:
    How one can utilize the time-dependent external field to enhance efficiencies in the nano-scale thermodynamic machines
        (belongs to study of quantum thermodynamics)
    Realization of quantum version of voter model by using quantum feedback control.
        (belongs to study of quantum Maxwell demon)

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