Rosa Lopez

Maria Rosa López Gonzalo

Recent Publications

A hybrid superconducting quantum dot acting as an efficient charge and spin Seebeck diode

Hwang, S.-Y.; Sanchez, D.; Lopez, R.
New Journal of Physics 18, 093024 (1-8) (2016)

Large thermoelectric power and figure of merit in a ferromagnetic–quantum dot–superconducting device

Hwang, S.-Y.; Lopez, R.; Sanchez, D.
Physical Review B 94, 054506 (1-9) (2016)

Cross thermoelectric coupling in normal-superconductor quantum dots

Hwang, S.-Y.; Lopez, R.; Sanchez, D.
Physical Review B 91, 104518 (1-6) (2015)

Thermoelectric effects in quantum Hall systems beyond linear response

Lopez, R.: Hwang, S.-Y.; Sanchez, D.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 568, 052016(1-17) (2014)

Orbital caloritronic transport in strongly interacting quantum dots

Lim, J. S.; Lopez, R.; Sanchez, D.
New Journal of Physics 16, 015003 (1-12) (2014)

Ongoing Research projects


Transport in Quantum Materials at the Nanoscale

P.I.: Rosa Lopez, David Sánchez
The aim of TQM@Nano is to examine the transport properties of nanoscale conductors that exhibit features unique to quantum materials (topology, strong correlations). These systems are attracting a good deal attention due ...


Quantum Technologies Platform

P.I.: Llorenç Serra, Roberta Zambrini
QTEP is a CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform (PTI). The reference for QTEP is the quantum technologies community that organizes around the Flagship ( and the Quantum Community Network. This community works on ...

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