Fernando Galve

Fernando Galve Conde
Postdoctoral researcher at Institute for Interdisciplinary Physics and
Complex Systems, IFISC (CSIC-UIB). My current research interests are quantum information and
dynamics of complex systems, decoherence and dissipation in structured media, quantum probing of
complex environments, and the use of noiseless primitives for isolation of quantum processing devices.

Ongoing Research projects


Quantum Probes for Complex Systems

P.I.: Roberta Zambrini
We are on the verge of a new scientific and technological era as the first quantum simulators able to investigate physical systems that cannot be studied classically are about to be built ...


Quantum information preserving with structured embbedings

P.I.: Fernando Galve
Most efforts in the fabrication of platforms for quantum information tasks have been mostly directed towards the increase of the number of units under control, their addressability and the achievement of strong ...


Emergent phenomena and decoherence in quantum complex systems

P.I.: Roberta Zambrini
Impressive progress in isolating and manipulating single quantum systems and recent developments in secure communications, sensors, metrology and computation, based on quantum physics and information are at the basis of the envisaged ...

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