IFISC researcher coedits a book on Mesoscopic Physics

Jan. 12, 2021

IFISC (UIB-CSIC) researcher David Sánchez recently edited, together with Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute researcher Michael Moskalets, a book entitled Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Systems.

The book includes 19 review papers and research articles from a Special Issue published in the interdisciplinary open access journal Entropy. This work discusses the latest developments in the field of small conductors, which serve as excellent platforms for the study of transport phenomena relevant for condensed matter, quantum thermodynamics and quantum information. Specifically, the chapters offer new perspectives on nanoscale heat and dissipation, coherent single-electronics, semiconductor spintronics, topological quantum matter, quantum Hall effects, graphene structures, strongly interacting systems and current fluctuations.

The electronic file can be freely downloaded from the MDPI website while a print version is available for ordering.  


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