IFISC Open Days. November, 9-13 2009

Nov. 9, 2009

The Science and Technology Week is a chance that the IFISC seizes to show the public its teaching and research activity. The intention is to disseminate their research results and open their workspaces, normally closed to the public, promoting the assessment and improving its public perception.

Open Days pamphlet



UIB Press Release

Més de 200 alumnes visiten l'IFISC. Diario de Mallorca,  november, 12, 2009

La UIB mostra la ciència més puntera als escolars. Diario de Mallorca,  november, 18, 2009


Open Days presentation 2009

Semana de la Ciencia y la Tecnología en el CSIC

SCIT/09, Setmana de la Ciència i la Tecnologia

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