Stochastic Optical Quantum Circuit Simulator (SOQCS): model and inner workings

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SOQCS is a Python and C++ library [1] of modular design aimed at the simulation of optical circuits where photonic states are modeled as Fock wavepackets. The objectives of the library are to provide a design tool for photonic circuits and to allow for calculations of different imperfections in the circuit operation. These include, for example, effects associated with unbalanced beamsplitters, partial distinguishability of photons, non-ideal emitters and physical detectors among others [2]. We will present details of the library software structure, the different models considered and how they integrate with each other to provide a meaningful set of outcomes for arbitrary circuit definitions and initial photonic states.

References: [1] Stochastic Optical Quantum Circuit Simulator (SOQCS),

[2] Javier Osca and Jiri Vala. SOQCS: A Stochastic Optical Quantum Circuit Simulator. SoftwareX. Volume 25, 101603 (2024).

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Sandro Meloni

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