Multicompartmental model of CA3 and CA1 hippocampal regions

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The hippocampus is one of the most studied brain areas in mammals for two main reasons: it plays a fundamental role in learning, memory and spatial navigation, and it has a distinctive and identifiable layered structure that facilitates electrophysiological recordings. In the last decades, computational models have demonstrated to be an excellent tool for the understanding of how learning and memory emerges from basic neural mechanisms. Based on previous studies, we have developed a multicompartmental model of the hippocampus CA3 and CA1 structures. One of our main goals includes the understanding of the internal dynamics of the dendritic arbor of CA1 pyramidal neurons, which is excited by inputs from both enthorrinal cortex and CA3 region, to unveil how information flows from CA1 dendrites to its soma. Understanding the intradendritic input/output transformation will contribute to unveil the computations supporting memory formation and navigation. Unirse a la reunión Zoom

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