IFISC Winter Solstice Seminar

Note the corrected start time: 14:30

Ignite talks about representative papers of the different IFISC research lines,  published in 2020:

  • David Sanchez: Andreev-Coulomb drag in coupled quantum dots

  • Roberta Zambrini: Information Processing Capacity of Spin-Based Quantum Reservoir Computing Systems

  • Apostolos Argyris: Accelerating photonic computing by bandwidth enhancement of a time-delay reservoir

  • Emilio Hernández-García: Classical analogies for the force acting on an impurity in a Bose-Einstein condensate

  • Claudio Mirasso: Different theta frameworks coexist in the rat hippocampus and are coordinated during memory-guided and novelty tasks

  • Masi Zanin: Mitochondria interaction networks show altered topological patterns in Parkinson’s disease

  • Tobias Galla: Dispersal-induced instability in complex ecosystems

  • Pere Colet: Effects of demand control on the complex dynamics of electric power system blackouts

  • Jose J. Ramasco: Scaling in the recovery of urban transportation systems from special events

  • Juan Fernández-Gracia: Incubation periods impact the spatial predictability of cholera and Ebola outbreaks in Sierra Leone

  • Sandro Meloni: Vector-borne epidemics driven by human mobility

  • Raul Toral: Binary-state dynamics on complex networks: Stochastic pair approximation and beyond

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Meeting ID: 850 5885 3846

Passcode: 725604

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Maxi San Miguel
971 17 32 29
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