Hybrid normal-superconducting Aharonov-Bohm quantum thermal device

In this seminar I will talk about a recent work we published on the arxiv (arXiv:2208.14336).

In this work we propose and theoretically investigate the behavior of a ballistic Aharonov-Bohm (AB) ring when embedded in a N-S two-terminal setup, consisting of a normal metal (N) and superconducting (S) leads. This device is based on available current technologie and we show that it constitutes a promising hybrid quantum thermal device, as quantum heat engine and quantum thermal rectifier. Remarkably, we evidence the interplay of single-particle quantum interferences in the AB ring and of the superconducting properties of the structure to achieve the hybrid operating mode for this quantum device. Its efficiency as a quantum heat engine reaches 55% of the Carnot efficiency, and we predict thermal rectification factor attaining 350%. These predictions make this device highly promising for future phase-coherent caloritronic nanodevices.

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Rosa Lopez

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